Ocean Racing League Customs (CORL)


Supply: Open

Blockchain: Polygon

Status: Live (Available only via exclusive offers & competitions)

The Collection


Ocean Racing League Customs is the exclusive sister collection to Elegant Ocean Racers, comprised solely of bespoke, 1/1 racers, made for charity fundraising raffles and competitions or inspired by real world events.

To be lucky enough to hold a Custom, you’ll either need to win a special event or be invited to work with Tosh, the artist, and design your own in recognition of your contributions to the Ocean Racing League community.

Each Custom is signed by the artist and marked with an edition number and title. All Customs are race-able in the Ocean Racing League, falling into the Mythic 2 tier.

The Details


Want to dive deeper into the intricacies of Ocean Racing League Strategy? Our Racing Manual will help you get clued up!

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