Elegant Ocean Racers (EOR)


Supply: 8008 (8 Legendary)

Blockchain: Polygon

Status: Minted out (Public)

(Exclusive mint still available to top 20 race teams each week)8

The Basics


Elegant Ocean Racers are a collection of 7007 elephant & sea creature combinations, inhabiting the Polygon Blockchain. With well over 30 different creature types and a host of other traits, each racer is completely unique.

Your Elegant Ocean Racers grant you access to the Ocean Racing League, where teams compete in weekly races to win $MATIC & $PEARL (The native token to the ORL universe).

Tier, division and several team management factors such as Coaches also combine to determine how well your racer performs on the track.

The Details


Want to dive deeper into the intricacies of Ocean Racing League Strategy? Our Racing Manual will help you get clued up!

The Backstory


In a bid to escape increasing lion attacks, many elephants of the Elegant Elephant Society were forced to cross the ocean in search of a new home.

 This is how they came to meet a welcoming community of weird and wonderful underwater creatures, known as The International Waters Collective.

The herd grew to enjoy ocean life more than they had ever imagined, adapting to be just as comfortable underwater as on the grassy plains they left behind. They learned to dive and race with their new friends, which lead to the foundation of the Ocean Racing League, and later the Ocean Racing Coaches Association.

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