The Ocean Racing League is a racing platform powered by $MATIC & $PEARL and operating on the Polygon Blockchain.

Race teams go head to head, battling to secure their spot in the weekly Finals via a series of heat races. All wins are awarded $MATIC, $PEARL or a combination of the two as well as random ‘boost prizes’ such as NFTs. Finals prizes are the most lucrative.

The success of your team is down to your management and depends not only on having the right racers, but also the right strategy. Choose from a selection of different race types, assign roles and employ the most effective coach to maximize your team’s performance.

Give Your Racers the edge…


There’s a lot more to Ocean Racing League strategy than meets the eye. To run a successful team, you’ll want to learn about:

  • Getting the most out of Race types & Roles
  • Finding the Right Coach that will compliment your team
  • Racer Divisions & Tiers and their impact on performance

All this and more can be found in our Gitbook & Whitepaper!

Special Events


The Ocean Racing League hosts regular leagues and tournaments outside the ‘Weekly’ format. You never know what the next one might entail, but one thing’s for sure… the prize pool will be juicy!

Many are either individual racer or small team events. Almost all will have specific requirements for entry, as well as a theme related twist, such as buffs/de-buffs applied to particular traits.


*Stay up to date with special events via our social channels

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